[English] Social Media Strategy For Property Agents | Adrian Seow

Social Media Strategy For Property Agents:

Yes, it’s in English!!! 😀 I know some of you have been requesting, so here you go!

1. Passive Marketing (00:35)
2. Active Marketing (02:47)
3. Why Do Marketing?(06:00)
4. Today, Without Internet, How To Do Marketing?(14:12)
5. Filter Database(21:25)
6. Perfect Product or Perfect Target Group?(30:00)
7. Database is Important(33:22)
8. Marketing Sales Funnel(38:37)
9. Q&A (46:37)
10. The Wolf Story (50:30)

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Head of Team of a group of enthusiastic property consultants to provide solutions and provide consultation to Homeowner and Investors.

Avid Internet Marketer, who uses Internet Marketing technique for offline business like the real estate. Finding and matching the right customer to the right property.

With a proper use of Internet Marketing funnel, we are able to filter the customer’s need easier and provide a more accurate recommendation.

I am also currently conducting training for those are interested in expanding their business using Internet and Digital Marketing

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